Preventive Health Care

As the creator of the #SelfExamGram social media movement, Allyn has been an active member in the preventive health community. Through her interactive and educational tutorials, she has created a community through which individuals are able to share the importance of preventive care. Allyn has  worked to lobby Congress for preventive healthcare coverage and has founded The Previvor Foundation, a non-profit for breast cancer “previvors.”


As a former Miss USA and Miss America contestant and full time model, Allyn’s world was upended after undergoing a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy at age 26. Allyn’s journey to self acceptance, including learning to love her “new” body, has encouraged her to help women change their perspective on the way that they look. Not letting this experience define her, Allyn was the first woman with a mastectomy to model for Sports Illustrated


Prior to Angelina Jolie’s revelation, Allyn shocked the world with three words: Prophylactic Bilateral Mastecomy. Having to be her own advocate in a medical field that was unsure how to handle her healthcare decisions, Allyn is a strong proponent of “being your own advocate.” She works to empower women to push for what they know is best for their own bodies.

Breast Cancer Awareness

As Miss District of Columbia, Allyn ignited a global conversation regarding breast cancer awareness and preventive healthcare. Allyn has spoken at numerous breast cancer events, bringing hope and a story of resilience. He powerful message of “life before vanity” has resonated in the breast cancer community as she has become a leading voice in preventive medicine.


Allyn has a bachelors degree in Government and Politics, with a concentration in Political Philosophy and a masters degree in International Business Law. After working for several years as a marketing executive, Allyn uprooted her life and moved to Frankfurt, Germany. As an expat, Allyn understands the struggles that career professionals face when entering foreign markets. She is now a successful entrepreneur and founder of The Previvor Foundation.


After losing her mother to breast cancer at age 16, Allyn understands the difficulties of having to become your own mentor. Allyn is passionate about encouraging youth to not allow trials in their lives to become negative defining moments, but rather to inspiring them to use their adversity as inspiration.


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