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Allyn is a breast cancer advocate, professional speaker, on-air host, legal and political scholar.


As a 24-year-old Miss America contestant, Allyn made headlines across the globe with her controversial decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy after losing her mother, grandmother and great aunt to breast cancer. Allyn was featured on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, E! News, The Today Show, Katie Couric, Inside Edition, in PEOPLE Magazine, Cosmopolitan and was a FOX Power Player of the Week, as well as awarded the 21st Annual Congress on Women’s Health’s “Women’s Health Advocacy Award.” Allyn gave a TEDx Talk at Chapman University and continues to work as an advocate and contributor on several national media outlets sharing a message of hope and the importance of putting life before vanity.


Notably, she served as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Breast Cancer Summit in New York and received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her continued dedication to educating women in breast cancer prevention. 


Allyn has a B.A. in Government in Politics with a concentration in Political Philosophy from the University of Maryland, College Park and M.A. in International Business Law from Universität Mannheim, successfully defending her thesis: “The Impact of Western Campaign Finance Laws on Free Speech and Free Elections.” She has recently joined Crytek, an international video game developer, publisher and technology provider, developing the latest cutting-edge virtual reality and 3D game developments.